Roadbooks & Accessories

Roadbook Holder


  • Roadbook paper rolls up to 48mm thick and 150mm wide.
  • Built from Aluminium for weight saving
  • Anodized Matt Black
  • Water and dust resistant in adverse conditions
  • Asymmetrical cover for easy access to drive belts
  • Includes Back-Light
  • Standard 8mm cables with IP67 connectors(Can interface with other roadbook switches)
  • Unique remote with forward and reverse function (Mounting kit for 22mm Handle bars)
  • Dimensions : 203x125x80 mm (Including Knobs)
  • Weight : 730g (Excluding remote and mounting kit)
  • Includes: Roadbook Holder                                                  Mounting Kit                                                          Remote Control                                                     All Electrical Connectors Manual

          Price R 3 200.00